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How To Play?

The Donut Trumpet Tycoon Strategy definitely isn’t easy or straightforward. The easiest way to achieve a lot in Donut Trumpet Tycoon is to spend as many coins as possible from the beginning of the game to multiply your cash and income. It’s almost a guaranteed success. You get them by:

  1. Leveling up
  2. Watching adds
  3. Winning contests on Social Media
  4. Buying them at the bank.

If you want to try other, but not so certain ways of making money, here are some Donut Trumpet Tycoon Tips.

Donut Trumpet Tycoon Tips

Don’t keep a place with a limited amount of shares
A general rule is to avoid having places with 0,1% of shares because it limits your place. Usually (obviously not always – for example if you have only one share of a extremely expensive plays it will still be better than 100% of a super cheap one) it will make sense to try to cumulate 100% of every real estate you own to get as much money as possible from every place. This is the general Donut Trumpet Tycoon Strategy that can lift you to the top of your financial possibilities.

  • 50 000 000


  • 1 600 000


  • 4,6


Donut Trumpet Tycoon Strategy

Learn how to sell
If you have a beloved place or 0,1% of a famous, but financially not very attractive real estate, it is sometimes hard to admit that the best solution will be to get rid of the place. Among the Donut Trumpet Tips a even more useful skill is to sell places that you have the majority or even 100% of, but are blocking your expansion and a spot, that can be used for more expensive places, that will furthermore generate more money. A very important Donut Trumpet Tycoon Strategy is also to learn how to operate on the marketplace, to maximize every sell you are going to make. Leaving your properties to the bank isn’t always the worst solution if you want to make quick money or just get a fast free spot, but with some high value famous venues you can achieve miracles by offering them to other players worldwide.

Interact with moderators on social media

Now a very silly Donut Trumpet Tycoon strategy – comment and react on Facebook. Moderators often like to get involved into a funny chat and sometimes reward users with some coins. We hope that you’ll find these Donut Trumpet Tycoon tips useful and that they’ll help you to expand your empire and become the most powerful tycoon in the game. If you’re looking for more Donut Trumpet tips, visit our blogs and social media channels regularly Thank you for reading Donut Trumpet Tycoon How To Play and see you in the game!

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