Donut Trumpet Tycoon - The reality of innovation games

Innovation game

Since the early 00’, the gaming industry is rapidly changing and it’s not enough anymore to create a high quality, good-looking product. Gamers are looking for something more – innovation. Innovative game ideas are popping up from every corner of the world, but only a few will stand the test of time. It isn’t easy to judge, which idea is going to be a foundation for a groundbreaking gaming experience, and which will vanish like tear in rain and will never join the innovative mobile games pantheon.

Innovative game ideas

Show you’re special. Or die.
Does anyone still remember Pokemon GO? Well, certainly! But only a small part of the initial users is still playing it. If you’re looking for the reasons, the answer is simple – it wasn’t innovative enough. People had a vision of innovative outdoor games that are strongly linked to augmented reality, but this part was only mildly explored in the game. Looking back again – it isn’t easy to develop innovative gaming solutions, even if you’re creating a great game, and Pokemon GO was definitely one.

Innovative gaming solutions

We are extremely lucky to be the ones who initially survived among innovative android games and later also on iOS. Donut Trumpet Tycoon never had a stunning design or amazing interface, but it had the subject of this entry – innovative game ideas. With the use of big data it is possible to create a lot with very limited resources and get a kickstart for future projects. If you look around you’ll find a handful innovative android apps that followed this path – take a look at Weather Challenge for instance.

The new indoor: outdoor! Innovative outdoor games

Games are usually viewed as a indoor activity. A lot of current players remember, how their mother encouraged them to stop playing video games in the house and go outside and have fun. Now it is possible and a player doesn’t have to resign from gaming. That’s exactly one of these innovative game ideas it is all about. It was a thing with Pokemon GO of course and Donut Trumpet Tycoon or Landlord Real Estate Tycoon follow this path. In these games it is even easier to achieve success by taking a walk and look for interesting opportunities. These innovative gaming solutions are not only changing the gaming industry, but most of all also the everyday life of people. We’re certain that the future will bring even more innovative mobile games and that more developers will decide to follow the path of change. We are happily encouraging you to take a look at our upcoming apps – Landlord GO, Speculate and Weather Challenge and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.