People think that they must have a large sum of money to invest in real estate. They think it’s just like saving money for their first home, or there’s something they can do when they’re making a fortune elsewhere. Both of these thoughts are far from reality. I have always been a great supporter of investing in real estate. It does not have to be just a theory, you can try your skills lightly in the game.

Where to invest in property

If you want to become rich thanks to real estate, you have to start playing our game today. The sooner you start to learn the basics of economics that govern this market, the better it is for you. What do you really need to buy your first investment property? How much cash do you have to have at the start? What income can give you? What return on investment?

Ways to invest in real estate

With us, you will get your first property and generate cash flow by investing in real estate.
Many people think that investing in real estate is the best way to invest money. On the one hand, it is about the possibility of achieving a high rate of return, which can reach even more than 40% per annum. On the other hand, investors often emphasize that investing in real estate is a very safe form of capital investment. Are you surprised? It is so risky! You will change your mind when you know this world a little better.


Investment property

We think that knowledge, not supported by action, does not make sense, does not bring anything, and does not mean anything in itself. You can read many books, but if you do not take action, do not use your knowledge in practice, you will not change anything in your life. Only the action will bring you closer to the goal. Unfortunately, very many people stop fear. Our game gives you a great sense of reality and at the same time deprives you of that fear. Thanks to her you will gain many skills that will be useful to you in real life.


Real estate investing for beginners

First you have to accept your own message – accept by your own consciousness and subconsciousness – that a given goal is possible to do. With real estate it’s easier than taking flights into space, because there are more proven techniques to buy real estate than proven flight routes outside of the Earth.

The strategy to buy and hold is to buy real estate for rent. The investor earns on renting and in the long term on the increase in the value of the property. In this case, the goal of the investment is cash flow – or cash flow. This is the difference between the sum of costs and investment income. I do not need to add that cash flow from investments should be positive. If you learn to generate positive cash flow on a small investment, it will be easier for you to transfer this knowledge to your next investments. It will also be easier to get financing for your next investments.


Learning about investing from games

Can you learn something from games? Is it generally considered a waste of time to play games? Not in our company. Completely fascinated by the real estate market, we’ve made a game based on the economy that prevails there. The real estate industry is specific and considered by many to be very risky, one day you can gain a lot, the other one will lose more. What to avoid when making subsequent transactions? How to learn if you’ve never done it before? According to us and millions of people who share our view – you have to start playing Donut Trumpet Tycoon – it is not a waste of time, but the opportunity to acquire specific skills. Convince yourself!