The American millionaire Donald Trump said that he invested most in real estate investments. Is real estate actually the best capital investment?

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In the long run, it’s safe to say that yes! However, it should be remembered that the real estate market is a difficult market to invest. Specific market. Characteristic features include, among others: heterogeneity of the market, imperfection or local character. Non-uniformity means a large diversity of this market.

Real estate investing for beginners

The issue of investing in real estate as any other investment of cash depends on three basic factors, ie the size of funds, the time of returning the funds spent and the risk of their involvement. According to the common view, three parameters characterize a good property. They are „location, location, location”.

Economists and specialists in the field of effective financial management agree that investing in real estate is, next to gold and investment funds, the most profitable and reliable form of investing money. Experts also note that investment in gold or funds, although possible with relatively small financial outlays, to a large extent depends on the situation on world markets.

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That is why more and more investors are choosing to buy real estate. As in the case of gold, real estate is the so-called property in hand, but their loss is much more difficult. How to navigate the housing market? How to buy to gain? What to pay special attention to?

It is best if you multiply the capital you have in a wise way. You make the money work for you. They can, of course, lie in the proverbial sock on a bank account, on a 5% deposit, or they can work at a higher rate of return. You decide about your fate and the fate of your money!

The investor’s goal is profit. Therefore, before you decide to buy, you should count your future return on investment. Each investor has its own investment strategies and a certain break-even point below which it does not engage in the investment.


Financing real estate investments for dummies

Would you take advice about healthy eating from a person who is obviously overweight? Would you learn to drive a car from a person who has never been at the wheel? No? I hope not! And would you take advice on buying a property from a person who does not even have a home? No? But are you sure? In this you must be an exception confirming the rule. Listening to bad advice is unfortunately the common sin of novice investors. Why? Because they listen to the opinions of people in the immediate environment, people who have no idea about investing.

Choose your advisors wisely – this may be the best advice I can give you. Most budding investors are uncertain about their first steps and are sensitive to all advice or opinions. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you listen to the right advisers. Consider only the opinions of people who know what they are talking about. In this case, I mean experienced and successful investors or people associated with the real estate market – brokers, brokers, etc. Subscribe to the club of investors in your area, or to the discussion group on the forum dedicated to real estate.


Learn how to invest from mobile games

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